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Deciding what you will do for your next fundraiser can be frustrating. With so many different choices and ideas out there we decided to help out by creating a list of the top 10 most popular fundraising ideas for your next event.

  1. Bake sales

  • Bake sales are an easy low cost way to raise money. They can quickly raise a few hundred dollars or more to support your cause.  All you need is some cookies, cupcakes, a few other goodies, a table, and a high traffic area to set up to start this project.

  1. Raffles

  • All you need for this is a few sought after items and a roll of tickets to get this started. Sell the tickets to people who want a chance to enter, and have a drawing to pick the winner.

  1. Pancake breakfast

  • Another low cost option is holding a pancake breakfast. All you need for this is a few volunteers, simple ingredients, a place to hold the event, and maybe flyers to pass out before the event.  Ask customers to make a donation for their meal, or have a set price per person.

  1. Spaghetti dinner

  • If breakfast isn’t your thing, this is another popular option. As with the pancake breakfast it only requires a few people, a place, and a few items to get this started.

  1. Candy sales

  • All you need are some boxes of different types of chocolates or candies and a few people willing to go out and sell to start this. Set up a table or go door to door selling candy for a set amount per bar or bag.

  1. Car wash

  • Gather together some volunteers, sunscreen, rags, buckets, hoses and find a place willing to let you set up. Ask for donations or have a set price per car, car washes are an excellent way to raise funds.

  1. Silent auction

  • Gather a few nice semi high dollar items and set them out with a sheet to hold a silent auction. You can even make it a nice event and combine it with a spaghetti dinner.

  1. Coupon booklets

  • Coupon booklets are easy for schools to purchase and can be sold at a reasonable set price. Volunteers can sell door to door or set up a booth.

  1. Carnivals

  • These can be a challenge to set up, but can be worth the effort. You will need a large area for this event, booths, maybe even rides.  With a large number of volunteers this can be a huge success.

  1. Selling products

  • Selling items such as custom throws, hats, and t-shirts are a great way to raise funds for schools at football games. Set up a booth or sell in the stands this is a sure fire way to raise money and promote school spirit.

For more great ideas or products for your next fundraiser check out information on fundraising with us.

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