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Hometown Custom Throw Blankets

As a fundraising manager, you're always trying to find new and creative ways to support your organization. And as winter rolls around, what better way to fundraise than with cozy, customized home town throw blankets? Here's why these blankets are the perfect fundraising tool:


1. They're unique and personal


Everyone loves having something that feels special and one-of-a-kind. Customized hometown throw blankets are a great way to give people that feeling. Whether it's featuring the name of their hometown or a beloved local landmark, these blankets will be treasured by recipients.


2. They're practical


Blankets are a must-have during winter months, so your supporters will appreciate receiving a practical item that they can use for years to come.


3. They're versatile


Hometown throw blankets are suitable for a wide range of fundraising events, from holiday markets to gala auctions. You can sell them alongside other merchandise or use them as a prize in a raffle or silent auction.


4. They're easy to customize


Designing your custom hometown throw blankets is easy. You can include your organization's logo, a message of gratitude, or even a photograph of a local landmark. This customization makes the blankets an ideal keepsake that will forever remind supporters of their contribution to your organization.


5. They raise awareness


Every time someone wraps themselves in a custom hometown throw blanket, they're reminded of their connection to your organization and its cause. This will help create a buzz and awareness for your organization, potentially leading to more supporters coming your way.


Custom hometown throw blankets are an excellent fundraising tool for any organization. They are practical, versatile, unique, and customizable. So why not give them a chance and add them to your fundraising strategy?

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