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Family Reunion keepsake Ideas

With the temperatures rising and spring well on its way, no wonder so many people are starting to plan their family reunions. Spring is a great time to host these large family events. Once you have planned out when and where the reunion will take place, it’s time to get ideas for keepsakes that guests can take home with them.

While most people will have ideas such as coffee mugs and tee shirts there are so many more ideas that will make your reunion really stand out.

• Custom throw blankets with the family tree on them make a beautiful high quality keepsake for family members to take home and keep for years to come.

• Fleece blankets can have the name and date of your reunion embroidered on them as a wonderful take home gift.

All of these can be used as wonderful ideas to give your family members a memorable gift they can cherish for a lifetime.

To get started on your custom project call Signature Creations today at 1-800-540-0156

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