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How to Start a Fundraiser

Updated: Feb 28

These days booster clubs and not for profits are always looking for ways to raise more funds for their charity or organization.  Fundraisers are a great way to help make the money needed, but getting started can be a difficult task.  This article can help to get you started.

The first step in creating a plan for your fundraiser is to answer these questions.

  • What are you fundraising for?

  • What is your budget?

  • How much money do you need to raise?

Once you have answered these questions you can start formally writing down what your organization does, what your needs are, and how it will benefit others. Having this information in writing can be especially helpful if you will be sending volunteers door to door or if you will be raising money online.

Next you will need to devise a way to keep track of your donations for tax and legal purposes.  Spreadsheets, forms, and or databases are simple and great tools for this.

Now it is time to decide how you will be raising money.  There are multiple ways to raise money these days.  You could start a fundraiser online on websites like gofundme, sell products such as candy bars or custom throw blankets door to door, host a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner, or even plan a huge event or party.

After all that hard work, it is time to start creating that website page, ordering products to sell, or creating those flyers to pass out and get the help you need during your fundraiser.


  • Always be sure to keep track of all items and costs that your organization may accumulate during your fundraiser.

  • Talk with a tax or legal adviser if you are starting a new charity or organization

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