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Gift Ideas for Your Grandchildren

Updated: Feb 28

If one thing is for sure, grandparents love their grandchildren.  So what about giving your grandchildren a gift they can cherish and will always remember you by.

A custom throw blanket can make the perfect keepsake to give to your grandchildren and great grandchildren that will be a lasting gift they will love.

Design your blanket with anywhere from a photo, family tree, or sayings you want them to remember you by.

Since 1996 Signature Creations has been specializing in custom jacquard woven throw blankets made of 100% machine wash and dry-able cotton right here in the USA.

We offer three different size throw blankets, each with a generous 2 inches of fringe going all the way around the afghan.  Our full-sized throw blanket is (48" X 68"), medium-size is (48" X 60") and mini-size (36" X 48").

You may select from any of the following types of throw blankets: 2-ply, 2-1/2 ply, 3-ply, or a tapestry blanket.

Our company will be happy to help you design the perfect gift you’re your grandchildren.  So call us today at 800.540.0156, or visit us at

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