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Finding the Right Promotional Product

With so many products out on the market today for promotional use how can you figure out which item is the perfect fit for your needs?   One option is to check out your local trade shows and spend the time, energy, and effort wandering up and down the many aisles and talking with the endless stream of vendors.  They all want your undivided attention in hopes they may be able to convince you to eventually order some of their latest gadgets.  Making a choice can be a daunting task for sure.

Why put yourself through all of this when Signature Creations is here to the rescue!  From the comfort of your own home you can simply browse around our website and then select an item that you feel best represents your business, golf tournament, or that special charity event.  We offer 6 different amazing products to choose from!  Just picture your company logo on one of our tote bags, throw blankets, wall-hangings, throw pillows, fleece blankets, or maybe an adorable stuffed animal with a printed tee-shirt.  No matter which product you select it's sure to be a WINNER!!

Maybe you are an actor looking to promote your latest movie or TV show, or are in need of a gift item for all of your cast and crew members, either way our products will work for you!   Please keep in mind that any one of these products will be a perfect keepsake as well.  In addition to that, these items can be considered highly collectible especially if you are in the movie, television, or music industry.

Over the years we have had many inquiries from local realtors looking for housewarming gifts for their clients.  Our custom throw blankets or tote bags are ideal for this use.  We offer very low minimums for these products, and they can be designed to feature whatever town or community that a realtor is working in.  If they would like they could even make up a gift basket for their clients. Using the custom blanket or tote bag along with a bottle of wine and cheese would make a lovely housewarming gift.

So if you are looking for a great promotional item, look no further.

Call us at 800.540.0156 or visit us at

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