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Celebrity Custom Throw Blankets

Planning a celebrity golf tournament and looking for something different to use as a great give away product?  Try custom throw blankets. You can feature any golf course on a full-sized tapestry blanket with a generous amount of colors to give it the look of a gorgeous painting.  Whether you are playing Tour 18 in Texas, or Pebble Beach in California everyone at your special event will want this beautiful gift as a priceless keepsake!

The Academy Awards show is another perfect venue for custom throws.  Just imagine how amazing a huge "Oscar" statue would look on a blanket as the main focal point with the words "THE (FILL IN THE NUMBER HERE) ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS SHOW" depicted in bold letters at the top.  Everyone attending this show will go wild for these throws in their gift bags!  This is such a unique product, and with an "Oscar" statue in all his glory woven into the throws the blankets will be highly collectable as well.

There are many other celebrity award shows that could use custom throw blankets.  The Golden Globes and Emmy's, and many other red carpet events such as movie premieres.  Throw blankets can capture a special event that will make the perfect keepsake for all those who attend it.

Celebrities are always throwing themselves lavish parties of every kind and needing something new and different to give to their guests.  Why not use custom throw blankets?  They can design it any way they desire.  Perhaps they want to go with a depiction from their latest movie or TV show, or, they can go with something that represents a special event or cause that is near and dear to their hearts. Whatever is needed to capture, the look they are going for can be accomplished.

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