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Summer Camp Giveaway Ideas

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Summer time is approaching and that means summer camps will soon be opening.  These camps quite often will give campers gifts or memorabilia with the camps logo.

Many giveaway items from camps are items such as tee shirts, pens, hats, or bracelets.  But your camp can set itself apart by giving away custom tote bags.

Tote bags make a great giveaway item to campers.  Kids can use tote bags to carry their belongings around camp.  They can even use these bags to bring home items they made or earned at camp.

Signature Creations offers gorgeous custom tote bags made in the USA, in a generous 16" x 16" size with your design featured on both sides. Our totes are of the highest quality because unlike traditional canvas bags, our totes are woven and much sturdier, leaving customers with a long lasting keepsake.

So order your tote bags for your summer camp today! For more information visit

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