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Fire Department Throw Blankets

berlin fire co throw blanket Boyd Fire Department Custom Throw Blanket Community Volunteer Fire Co custom throw blanket PLFD custom throw blanket

Custom throw blankets are also a terrific fundraising product for our local firefighters who put their lives on the line for people every day.  Blankets proudly displaying their badges, fire trucks, and fire houses make a great gift item, and a special keepsake for both the current fire fighters, and those who have retired as well.  They may have the patriotic red, white (natural), and blue theme, or if preferred, a red and black design.


Here at Signature Creations, Inc. we really care about our customers!   We want their throw blankets to be the best they can be for their particular group or cause, and that is one of the reasons we are still in business after 20 years.  Weather you are a police officer, fire fighter, or a rock star you will always be given the best service possible from our staff.       

Check out some of the designs below

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