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Custom Throws

Since 1996 we have been specializing in custom jacquard woven throw blankets made of 100% machine wash and dryable cotton right here in the USA.

We offer three different size custom throws, each with a generous 2 inches of fringe going all the way around the afghan.  Our full-sized throw blanket is approximately (48" X 68"), medium-size is approximately (48" X 60") and mini-size approximately (36" X 48").  You may select from any of the following types of custom throws

Any one of these gorgeous custom afghans will be the perfect product for you to showcase your business, school mascot, special event, home town, military group, church, fire or police department, charity, movie or TV show, musicians, rock groups, and more! Here at Signature Creations we offer low minimums and great prices!   

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Custom Cotton Throw Blanket Pricing







$ 23.00


48" x 68"  All cotton throws have approx 2" of fringe on each side.


$ 25.00


48" x 68"  All cotton throws have approx 2" of fringe on each side


$ 29.00


48" x 68"  All cotton throws have approx 2" of fringe on each side


$ 29.00


48" x 68"  All cotton throws have approx 2" of fringe on each side

Re-orders only require a minimum order of 25 pieces.

We can design a gorgeous custom  throw for your organization with a few very easy steps.  We can use your logo, clip art, photographs, your illustrations, or we can provide the complete design for you.  As you read the information below, remember we will help you all the way through the process.  The easy way is to call us and we will guide you through everything you need to get started.  

You are only a phone call or email away from creating your custom throw blanket. This page has all the information you need on how to start your custom throw project.  

Whether you are in need of a great fundraising or promotional throw blanket our friendly staff will make this process easy and affordable for you!  

Call or email us today!  800.540.0156

Design: Most new blanket designs are completed at no charge

Artwork: No artwork charges on the initial throw design.  Artwork fees are charged for changes to an existing approved design.  The rate of artwork when applicable is on a quote basis.

Sample and Artwork Notes: Your first sample throw blanket is free.  Artwork and samples can only be produced after the “new project form” and “deposit” have been received.