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mike the tiger throw blanket

Artists Gallery of Custom Throw Blankets

Artists can now have their paintings turned into great looking tapestry throw blankets.  Expand your artistry into a new dimension.  Our custom throw blankets make the perfect promotional product for your business as well as for artists who are needing to showcase their designs on throws. We will make this process easy and affordable for you!

imiola church throw blanket

Beautiful 48"x68" throw blanket. An original painting by

Tony Bernard.  For information about how you can

purchase one these blankets please contact the

Acadian Frame & Art Gallery at:

or Call 225-927-6129

This is a gorgeous blanket than anyone would be proud to own.

Mike the Tiger

Imiola Church

Another beautiful artwork that has transitioned into a throw

blanket.  The artwork by Janice Gail has captured both the history

and tranquility of the Imiola church in this 48"x68" tapestry throw.

Contact Janice at to obtain information

about this or other Janice Gail "Original" Hawaiian Art.